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1996 Craft Council setting up grant
1997 International Giftware finalist
1997 Suffolk Craft Society Professional Member
1998 Professional Member of the Crafts Potters Association
2002 Selected maker of the Crafts Council
2005 Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust
2006 Lady Charlotte Fraser, Royal College of Art

1996 Contemporary Ceramics 2 London
1997 International Giftware, Royal College of Art 1998
1998 Joint exhibition, Bircham Gallery, Holt, Norfolk
1998 'Miniature Perspective', Crafts Council, London
1999 Keramik Museum, Westerwald, Germany
2000 Contemporary Ceramics, London
2001 Kettles Yard, Cambridge showcase
2001 'Once In A Blue Moon', Mass, USA
2001 Galerie Handwerk, Munchen, Germany
2002 Salzbrand, Galerie Handwerk, Koblenz
2003 St Ives Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2004 Da Yu Xiao Hu California
2005 'Tablemanners' Crafts Council
2005 'A pinch of salt' Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh
2006 Inax tile museum, Tokoname Japan
2007 The Great Exhibition 2007, RCA, Kensington Gardens, London
2007 Crafts Council Showcase, V&A, London
2008 English Tea Ceremony, Leach pottery

1996 'Ceramics: Art and Perception'
1996 Contemporary Ceramics 2 V&A London
1999 Karen Ann Wood, 'Tableware', Crowood Press
2000 'Potters' 12th Edition: Ceramic Review, Emmanuel Cooper
2002 'The Glaze Book', Stephen Murfitt, Thames & Hudson
2002 'Salt Glaze Ceramics', Rosemary Cochrane, Crowood Press
2002 'Sensual Pleasures', Ceramic Review Issue 193 Jan / Feb
2002 '500 Teapots' Larkbooks
2004 BBC Homes and Antiques, Talent around Britain Issue, March
2005 '500 Cups': Ceramic exploration of utility and glaze. Larkbooks
2006 The Ceramics Book an a-z guide to 300 ceramic artists. Ceramic Review
2006 British Studio Potters' Marks (2nd Edition) E.Yates-Owen and R.Fournier. A&C Black
2007 'Remember take off toilet slippers', Ceramic Review Issue 225 May/June
2008 '500 Plates and chargers' Larkbooks

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